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"Duty Calls"

“Duty Calls..” Superman (character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, owned by DC Comics) is a mosaic on plywood made entirely out of stained glass.  It measures 31.5in x 20in.  All pieces have been cut and placed entirely by hand. This piece of fan art is inspired by artist Alex Ross and his vision of Superman.


Superman is one, if not the, most well known superhero of all time.  From his debut in the pages of Action Comics #1 in 1938 to his upcoming 2017 appearance in the Justice League movie, this character has changed as we in society have needed him to. 


One constant in Superman’s story is what makes him different from most superheroes.  While Peter Parker puts on a costume to become the hero, Spider-Man and Bruce Wayne puts on the costume to become Batman, Superman does the exact opposite.  Superman takes off his costume of being Clark Kent to show the true hero that he keeps secret from the world.


Clark Kent is the costume. Superman is the real person and the hero within is always willing to answer when “Duty Calls.”

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