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“Destiny,” Hellboy (created and owned by Mike Mignola) is a GOG (glass on glass) stained glass mosaic, inspired by the poster for the movie “Hellboy, Rise of the Blood Queen.”  All pieces have been cut and placed entirely by hand. It measures 25.25 x 30.25 inches framed. The mosaic can be lit from behind and give a stained glass window look. It is grouted with sanded black grout.  


Hellboy is a well-meaning half-demon who was summoned from Hell to Earth as a baby by Nazi occultists. After he was discovered in a church on an island off the coast of Scotland, Hellboy was taken to an air force base where he grew up under the guidance of Trevor Bruttenholm. Trevor would become his “Father” and rear Hellboy like any normal boy born with a hand of stone.


In time, Hellboy grew to be a large, red-skinned adult with a tail, horns (which he files off, leaving behind circular stumps on his forehead), cloven hooves for feet, and an oversized right hand made of stone (the "Right Hand of Doom"). Although a bit gruff, he shows none of the malevolence thought to be intrinsic to classical demons, and has an ironic sense of humor.


Hellboy is a demon child.  A Demon whose name literally means “upon his brow is set a crown of flames.”  A demon who’s abnormal hand is called “the right hand of Doom.” A demon who legend says is destined to be the Beast of the Apocalypse.  A demon who chose not to be evil. Hellboy decided long ago to be an agent of good. He decided that his destiny is not to be determined by others.  He made a stand against the things that go bump in the night and declared that his destiny is in his own hands.


Your destiny is in your hands. No matter who you were born to, what your involved in, or where you have been left at, you can change your future! Claim your destiny!

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