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"One Bad Day"

“One Bad Day...”  The Joker (character created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson, owned by DC Comics) is a mosaic on plywood consisting mainly of stained glass.  The gloves are comprised of sculpy, which has been cut, baked, painted and placed on the mosaic. The piece measures 38.5in x 26.5in.  All pieces have been cut and placed entirely by hand.


This piece of fan art is a homage to the comic book, Batman: The Killing Joke (written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland, published by DC Comics).  The Killing Joke tells two stories, it provides an origin story for the Joker while at the same time showing Batman attempt to stop the Joker from driving Commissioner Gordon insane.


The story depicts the Joker as a tragic character, a failed comedian and a loving family man who had “One Bad Day” that drove him insane.  The caring husband and father was accidently knocked into a vat of chemicals.  This mosaic shows the birth of the villain as he emerged from the pool of toxic industrial waste.  


This mosaic shows what could reside in every man or women.  


We could all be defined by just one bad day.

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