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Stained Glass from the Church of Heroes

Well, its official the website is up and running!!! I will try to blog and post everything that I am doing in regards to my mosaic stuff, plus whatever is on my heart. Hope you all enjoy the site and keep me honest by nudging me if I go to long without a post.

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Jul 17, 2019

Daphne, I would love to come, but sadly I have to work on Saturday. Please let me know if the opportunity come up again in the future.


Daphne Sparkman
Daphne Sparkman
Jul 16, 2019

Powell County Public Library is hosting a POW!Con this Saturday the 20th at the Stanton Elementary School if you would like to come and showcase your art please contact Amy Ashley at PoweLL County Public Library 606-663-4511. Thank you

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